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To HONOR those who have been injured or killed
To RAISE AWARENESS that we are here
To ask that we all SHARE THE ROAD



Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2016

   Time: 6:30-8:30pm (Gather at 6 - Ride at 7 pm)

  Where: Fullerton Downtown Plaza; Fullerton Museum Center Plaza
100 block of E. Wilshire Ave. between Harbor Blvd. and N. Pomona Ave
Route: Flat 8.7 mile loop around Fullerton to CSUF & back; on-street & bike lanes:
Route sheets will be available at the start/finish location or in advance by emailing the organizer.
Jane Rands jrands@earthlink.net

See 2015 info at http://www.ocregister.com/articles/cyclists-662570-ride-organizers.html

Where: City Hall - Main @ Yorktown
Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/12674362

Huntington Beach's Police Department has been asked to provide
support in escorting the ride.

Todd Miliam tmillam@me.com

Irvine Civic Center
 Route: Flat 10 mile loop around Irvine; on-street bike lanes and off street bike way:

Irvine's Police Department has been asked to provide bicycle and motorcycle
support in escorting again for the ride.

  Where: Meet at Civic Center; 300 E Chapman
9 miles from City Hall  http://ridewithgps.com/routes/11546274
Bill Sellin ros@sellin.com

The Kiwanis Club of Orange will support the ride &
fronted insurance for the city's Special Event Permit
We had aproximately 57 riders participate in the first City of Orange's Ride of Silence
The Police Department declined to provide
support in escorting the ride, but 3 officers did participate in uniform.

Organizing began September 26th at our Farmer's Market - see FaceBook for updates at https://www.facebook.com/RideofSilenceOrangeCA?fref=ts
  Where: The Bicycle Tree; 811 N. Main Street
Route:  Flat 8 miles through downtown

B icycle Tree

Consider coordinating a ride in your own neighborhood to get seen by more people
in more neighborhoods, and make it easier to get more riders to participate,
without creating even more traffic crossing OC to get to Fullerton, Irvine or San Clemente!
Contact us for help.

At 7 pm Local Time we will join other communities across the planet in having
 a unique ride which will bring increased awareness to the streets of our home towns -
focusing on the numbers of cyclists who are killed and injured
by motorists who do not safely share the road.

Riders will gather at 6 & assemble about 6:30
then cue up for a 7 pm slow paced, single file, silent commemoration
to the riders who are no longer with us,
especially those who were disabled or killed in traffic.

A pack of single file - silent riders - pacing out for 8 to 10 miles...
we will share this hour with each other, and know that
thousands across the planet will also have marked the hour in their own time zone;
but also raise awareness among the many local motorists
who will be witnesses of our sombre parade.
It will be a dusk ride, Sun set is at just before 8; so wear your reflective & HiVis day glow,
& have plenty of reflectors & lights...
In case you don't know, California law changed and lights
& reflectors are now required after dusk - even on bike ways and sidewalks

Please wear an arm band; Black in solidarity - or Red if you have been injured by a motorist.
(Inexpensive head / wrist band sets or cut up tube socks work well...)

21 Bicyclists who have died in OC since last year's Ride of Silence...
15 in traffic
(see count by Calendar Year here)
Becky Sheehan, 35 (March 17, Buena Park)
Ricardo Martinez, 44 (March 12, Santa Ana) Incident Coverage?
Thuc Van Nguyen, 71 (January 25, Santa Ana)Incident CoverageIncident Coverage?
Sidney Siemensma, 51 (January 19, Irvine) Incident Coverage
Angel Preciado, 52 (January 12, (2/15) Yorba Linda) 2,3?
Richard Schultz, 75 (January 9, 2016, Huntington Beach)Incident CoverageIncident Coverage4

Kevin Jiang, 9 (November 20, 2015, Irvine) 2,3
Valente Vasquez, 29 (October 17, Huntington Beach)  1
Kathleen Walker,37 (September 27, Orange) Incident Coverage 2,3,
Henry Miller, 59 (September 16, San Clemente) Incident Coverage 4
Rafael Romo, 51 (September 14, Placentia) 
Incident Coverage 3
Nadia Silva, 31 (September 10, Huntington Beach) Incident Coverage ?1?3?
Jonathon Wilson, 23 (August 2, Newport Beach) Incident Coverage 1b,4
Yeny Vergara, 36 (July 22, Crystal Cove) Incident Coverage *
Man from Victorville, 58 (July 14, Garden Grove) Incident Coverage3
Priscilla Vallejo, 13 (July 13, Santa Ana) Incident Coverage2
Suzi Ramage,& dog Sonny,55 (June 23, Garden Grove) Incident Coverage?1 !
Man from Costa Mesa, 61 (June 18, Newport Beach) Incident Coverage4
Jorge Covarrubias, 40  (June 16, Stanton) Incident Coverage3,?4 !!
Steve McDonald, 54
(June 11, Huntington Beach) Incident Coverage4
Michiko Day, 66 (May 30, 2015, Laguna Hills) Incident Coverage2,5
4x1, 3x2, 3x3, 4x4, 1x5, 4x?, 2x*, 1x! Drunk, 1x!! Hit&Run

May 2015's list of 14: (20 in 2014) 13 in traffic
Robert Horton, 62 (May 4, 2015, Santa Ana) 2?
Timothy Binau, 41 (April 1, 2015, Anaheim) 1, 3?
Vihn Tran, 36 (December 27, 2014 Fountain Valley)  1 ! 
Cesar Labastida
, 74 (November 15, Laguna Woods)  1,3?
Hassan Davoodiaria, 69 (November 15, Santa Ana)  2
Daniella Palacios, 44 (November 1, Anaheim)   1,3? !!
Shaun Eagleson, 30 ( October 19, Newport Coast) 
1 !!
Gary Lofgren, 25 (September 20, Anaheim Hills) *4
William Rowland, 61 (September 5, Huntington Beach)Incident Coverage 3?
Michael Bastien, 55 (September 1, Huntington Beach)Incident Coverage 1 !!
Artemio Ortiz, 56 (August 1, Orange)
Rafael Correa, 19 (July 5, Fullerton) Incident Coverage 2,5
John Colvin, 55 (June 17, Laguna Beach) 1 !!
Jordan Ames, 21
(May 30, 2014, Santa Ana)
7x1, 3x2, 6x3, 1x4, 4x?, 1x*, 1x! Drunk, 4x!! Hit&Run

May 2014's list of 18: 17 in traffic
Haitham Gamal, 39 (May 6, 2014, Dana Point)2?
Kathy Sieberhein, 44 (April 16, Huntington Beach)
Geneveve Hall, 34 (April 6, Huntington Beach)
Sean Severson, 15 (March 21, Fountain Valley)
Andres Marin, 34 (March 2, Cleveland Forest) *
Alfanso Franco, 52 (Feb 20, Santa Ana)
  Matthew Liechty, 37 (Feb 19, Huntington Beach)
Joey Robinson, 21
(Feb 2, 2014 Orange) 1 !!

Pete Tomaino, 82
(Dec 24, 2013 Laguna Hills)
Paul Lin, 41
(Nov 6, Newport Beach)

Michelle Lounsbury, 44 (Nov 4, Costa Mesa)
Manuel Morales Rodriguez, 19 (Oct 30, Anaheim) 1? ?
Debra Deem, 58 (Aug 27, Newport Beach)
Alberto Ramos, 40 (July 20, Stanton)
Richard Paine, 19 (July 11, Fullerton)
James Waller, 53 (June 28, Irvine/Laguna Beach)
Chelsea Kashergen, 22 (June 20, Fullerton) 
Susan Stripko, 56 (June 2,2013 Huntington Beach)

"Victim Blaming" is a counterproductive impulse, but there may be aspects we can pull from reports that give clues a Savvy Cyclist can learn from to reducing risks in traffic.

1: Edge riding - shoulder riding- Bike Lane users; Rear ended
1a: Doored  1b: Hit parked car
2: Bikeway or side walk or Cross walk to Road conflicts
3: Failure to follow Rules of the Road / CVC / Control Device
: Missing legal lights & reflectors in dark

4: Solo crash in road - not traffic related

!: Drunk / Impaired Driver
!! Hit & Run motorist
*: Not in traffic or on a roadway
(ie: solo crashes or off-street dirt or bike paths)
5: Questionable road design hazards

If we have missed anyone,
please let us know of any other Riders killed in Orange County traffic

Many others have been injured or disabled by incidents in traffic...

Please let us know of any other Rides of Silence
in Orange County so we can add them here
and send us comments & photos if you ride or see us...

Please bring friends & family out to participate
in these events for all of Orange County...
& Join the
OCBC Web Site - Join                FaceBook Page



Updated May 15, 2016