Part 1: Early Departure Out & Back Double Metric Wimpout Century - up to 122 miles!
Part 2: Regular drop in Saturday Rides: NEW 10~15, 29 & 48~56 mile routes to choose
Part 3: Special post ride all day Celebration and Dinner (pre registration required for dinner)
The Rides (Free & open to all)
We will assemble twice for the ride starts:
Early Birds will leave at 8 am - those who need time to get in the miles...
and Regular 9 am for the rest of the club doing Long, Medium and Short rides!

Tentative Routes: as of 6/17/05
10~15 Short, 29 Medium, 48~56 Long ~ Long Plus
& 62~122 or less Wimpout Century
Not Yet Finalized; but check back to this web site
to see them closer to the 25th!

The Full 122 mile Out & Back Double Metric Wimpout Century !
Enjoy Laguna Coast early, push on all the way to Carlsbad if you can;
"Wimpout" & turn back when ever you feel half-way spent
& / or want to regroup with friends who got farther down the road than you!
The Metric Century turn around point will be on the route & get you back in a little over 62 miles...

We will pass plenty of coffee shacks & diners along the route,
and you will have a chance to brunch when & where you choose,
so bring sunscreen & some cash!

The set of 56 mile Long Plus, 48 mile Long, 29 mile Medium and 15 & 10 mile Short loops
will leave at 9am.
Portions of the Out & Back Wimpout Century will be laid out as regular ride sheets,
but you can choose to go farther if you want!
You may click now to get the most current DRAFT:
Final routes will be printed out on June 24th for the ride start; may change some still!

These will be the club's Saturday rides for June 25th, so don't go to Deerfield!


All routes will lead back to our picnic / party location
(Still being finalized) for an afternoon of lounging, swapping tales, relaxing and feasting,
followed with Cosmic Wimpout & camp fire fun until well after dark...

 The Recovery (Free & open to all)
Pack some cold drinks, snacks or a picnic lunch if you are not going to be riding all day... A change of clothes, jacket for later & lawn chair for after the ride is recommended. Hang out and enjoy the Upper Bay Celebration and learning activities as you wait for the rest of your frinds to roll in...
If you are going out in a canoe or kayak, or just want to even out your biker tan, you might want to bring a bathing suit & towel as well!

The Celebration of the Upper Bay
(Educational experience sessions & Dinner require Pre-registration & BCI Membership)
The BCI has partnered with the Back Bay Science Center at Shellmaker Island to make this event a very special experience. For those volunteers who are helping put on the ride, but not actually riding, there will be an opprtunity to do service projects & some clean up work while the rides are underway. As riders return, they will be able to check out the local plants and animals, including birding walks, shark touching, canoe or kayak tours of the unique wetlands - and fully enjoy the first Saturday of summer. Sign-ups will be taken for various activities and volunteers from the Back Bay Science Center will help educate everyone on the special and fragile environment we pass by and enjoy on so many of our rides.

We will end the day with a Dinner, followed with our traditional Cosmic Wimpout & some-mores at the Campfire program, where we will learn more about the Back Bay, the Science Center and opportunities to be come involved as Volunteer Naturalists; belonging to the Newport Bay Naturalists & Friends who lead nature tours of Upper Newport Bay on behalf of the California Department of Fish and Game and Orange County Harbors, Beaches and Parks.

Please register before the 2nd Monday in June (June 13) so we have enough food!
Monday was the Day... If you are sending $, or it is "in the mail"
Call or - email

Excess proceeds will be shared in support of programs offered at the Back Bay Science Center...

$20 per person for the post-ride Celebration Activities & Dinner Party*
The Rides will, as always for the BCI Saturday Rides, be free;
A cash donation ($5 suggested) will be accepted from any riders
who make it far enough to enjoy some of the traditional fresh fruit,
chocolate dipped berries & munchies at the remote portable feast SAG stop!
Riders are on their own for brunch & coffee stops...
The $20 fee goes to provide the groceries & supplies for the dinner,
and raise funds to support the BCI and fund a grant to the Back Bay Science Center


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