USBR 66 across California

from Needles to Santa Monica

(Lake Michigan to the Pacific Ocean)
  Local Jurisdictions our team has worked with... (Maps if hyperlinked)
  Local Support submitted
1: √ Needles (National Old Trails Rd to West Park Rd)   Jan 24, 2017
2: √Mohave Trail National Monument (Goff's Rd-Nat.Trails Hwy) CalTrans
3: √Fenner, Amboy, Ludlow, Newberry Springs, Lenwood    CalTrans
4:√ Barstow   March 19, 2018
5:√ Victorville

May 10, 2018
6:√ Hisperia Supports USBR 66
7: √ San Bernardino Natonal Forest (No National Forest Roads used)

8:√ San Bernardino
Sep 4, 2018
9:√ Rialto Oct 16, 2017
10:√ Fontana

June 13, 2017
    √San Bernardino County - Pacific Electric Trail bikeway
June 25, 2018
11: √ Rancho Cucamonga (Pacific Electric off-street)
SB County
12: √ Upland (Pacific Electric off-street) SB County
13: √ Montclair (Pacific Electric off-streets) SB County
14: √ Claremont  [In the News]
Mar 24, 2020
15: √ Pomona [In the News]  [.png]
Feb 26, 2019
16: √ La Verne Oct 21, 2019
17: √ San Dimas Jul 28, 2020
18: √ Glendora

Oct 13, 2020
19: √ Azusa Aug 16, 2018
20: Irwindale (Route now proposed to go from Azusa to Duarte)
21: √ Duarte Mar 12, 2019
22: √ Monrovia Mar 5, 2019
23: √Arcadia Feb 7, 2017
24: √ East Pasadena (LA County) Feb 27, 2018
25: √ Pasadena March 8, 2017
26: √ South Pasadena April 19, 2017
27: √ Alhambra April 24, 2017
28.1:√  City of Los Angeles (East)  (1 of 2 segments plus 5 of USBR 95)

Nov 2, 2020
29: √ West Hollywood March 23, 2017
30: √ Beverly Hills May 30, 2019
28.2: √ City of Los Angeles (West) (2 of 2 segments plus 5 of USBR 95) Nov 2, 2020
31: √ Santa Monica May 5 2017

Current Draft Map - East to West
Current Draft Map - West to East

FORBES Aug 24, 2021
"New Bike Routes Added In 5 States, Largest Growth To U.S. Bicycle Route System"

by Tanya Mohn

Eighteen new bike routes in five states have recently been designated, adding nearly 3,000 miles to the U.S. Bicycle Route System, a developing complex of officially recognized, publicly-accessible travel paths across the country. The latest routes — in California, Indiana, Ohio, Utah, and Washington State — represent the largest addition to the bike network to date, both in number and total mileage.

The news was announced on Monday by the Adventure Cycling Association.

"With this addition of nearly 3,000 miles, the U.S. Bicycle Route System continues to pick up momentum — and the growth of the system benefits every person who has, is, or will be traveling by bike,” Scott Pankratz, executive director of Adventure Cycling, said in a statement. The Missoula, Mont.- based nonprofit membership organization has supported the initiative since 2005 through research, technical guidance and other resources.

The association, Pankratz added, “applauds our state department of transportation partners, who understand the role bike travel plays in our national infrastructure, supporting health and wellness, transforming communities, and increasing economic activity across the country,”

With the new designations, the U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS), now covers nearly 18,000 miles in 31 states and Washington, DC.  In addition, at least 40 states are currently developing routes. All routes are designated through a state-and federal-level process.

 “Twice each year, state departments of transportation play a significant role in the expansion of the U.S. Bicycle Route System by designating new routes,” Jim Tymon, executive director of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), which approves the routes, said in a statement. “This summer, we are not only witnessing the highest number of designations in any single period to date, but we are also seeing why making improvements to existing routes when possible is important. In Northern California, for example, officials realigned U.S. Bicycle Route 50 to take advantage of a new paved path that is making cycling in the region safer and better than ever before.”

The new routes offer scenic cycling experiences that take in rivers, state parks, and historic sites, and travel through a diverse range of terrains, from hills, meadows and wheatfields to fruit orchards, farmlands and canyons.

See more on Adventure Cycling's USBR project

U. S. Bicycle Route System

The Western end of USBR 66 on 100+ year old 1919 Auto Club Map:

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