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Bill is coordinating SS-13 on June 21 & 22, 2003
but he would like to RIDE it again!
The only way is to delegate more:
We have several jobs already taken for the Summer Solstice!

Taken! (but a few more always welcome): SAG SWEEP(s):
(Patty Nielsen will sweep the ride & camp out with us! Jill Blevins & Debi Markley will alo be looking out for riders on the route)
One or two vans with racks & seats to sweep the riders who are sore Sunday, or break down on route, and shepherd the tour down & back: A Cell phone would be nice to be able to call for help from the road... Need to follow the riders out Saturday morning & home Sunday... or tag team with another person each day... Repair skills nice but not necessary. Get reimbursed for a tank of gas & the thanks of all! 8-5 Saturday - 7:30-3 Sunday...

(Deborah Hart has volunteered her self & her van!)
We have Deborah volunteering the handling the baggage to the Inn.
A tank or two of gas, a membership renewal & some room rent will compensate her for helping out. She gets to meet every rider, take their bags, turn away coolers & chairs, tag campsite stuff to Bob's truck & load it all in her van Then drive to Carlsbad & pile the baggage in the lobby of the hotel. Sunday she'll get to the hotel entrance where everyone else throws their stuff in by 8; She then get 4 hours to get to the ride start, hang out till 3 giving the luggage back to the riders when they finish.

(Penny Poorman and Doug Phillips will coordinate!)
We have the group camp fire area reserved so we will get a big load of pizza & salads made up & delivered to feed 70 to 100 starving riders; they will soon coordinate a lovely fresh salad to go with local Pizza Shuttle delivery to the State Beach @ $15 per head;

(Bob Nugent will host!)
Bob Nugent loves it and plans to do it again; but we could still use an apprentice / understudy to back-up the all important Camp Pendleton Motivational Fresh Fruit & Cracker stand! A bit of shopping, hanging out in Camp Pendleton from 11 to 2 or so Saturday & 9 to 1 Sunday, chatting with the participants and promoting the BCI to everyone else who stops & asks what we are...Also Bob will be camping out so all the camp site bags and big tables & stuff for dinner will get to the beach with him later in the day (safer than leaving gear at the camp site, but pack your suit on your bike!)

If you want to be part of this great host team, or have a family member who does not ride but would like to join you in doing the event, or do not ride that far & want to participate & meet every one on the tour; please contact Bill with your interest!

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This will be the 13th year See what fun we had in 2002 & 2001!

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