Dick Bird's Original
A Southern Californian Cycling Community Tradition!


The 'standard' wave bend fits most glasses; The bend goes behind the hinge so the mirror won't fall off when you fold the temple in.


For left hand traffic and folks with dominant or better vision in the right eye, the design can be custom bent for right side use.
"People are either right- or left-eye dominant.
If you point a finger at a distant object and alternate
closing one eye, then the other, the finger still points at the distant object when the dominant eye is open." ~ John Brooking

If your temple is wide, a longer wave can be made.
If horizontal/'aero'/triangular, a custom wave can be made. 
Contact us with details and a picture of you frame's temple...

If your temples are really thin or round, or flexible titanium,
the mirror will not stay on, or will flop around the temple…
get some better eyewear to ride with that will support a BeerView mirror!


1: ADJUST the BeerView Mirror's  'wave' for THICKNESS of your glasses' temple;
If thick, bend the 'wave' acutely – if thin, flatten the 'wave' to grip the thin temple:

2: MOUNT the BeerView Mirror's  'wave' as shown from above;
Hook the back leg outside, middle dip inside part way,
then spring the front leg down right behind the hinge.

3: POSITION your BeerView Mirror in your sight – bend the wire near the 'wave'
to put the mirror up or down, left or right,
in your line of sight sight within your lens, but out of the way: 

DO NOT CREATE A BLIND SPOT that will hide oncoming traffic,
or block your view of the mirror behind the frame of your glasses.

4: AIM your BeerView Mirror.
 BEND the wire near the bottle cap / mirror to aim your rear view: 
PINCH THE CAP & MIRROR TOGETHER when bending the wire!
The mirror and cap form a 'sandwich' with the wire glued inisde.
Holding the edge of the cap when bending the wire can pop out the mirror.

Stick your finger in your ear as shown: Adjust the angle up & down & in & out
until you see the 2nd knuckle of your finger in the center of the mirror:

5: CALIBRATE your BeerView Mirror to the Horizon.
Bend the wire near the bottle cap up & down to align the horizon:
PINCH THE CAP & MIRROR TOGETHER when bending the wire!
If you look at the horizon from your normal cycling head position, hold that position,
and gaze gently into your new BeerView Mirror;
Is the reflected horizon higher or lower than your forward horizon?
Adjusting the mirror up or down to make the reflected rear horizon match
your front view will help integrate your brain faster
into using your BeerView mirror as a third eye.

You will see behind and slightly to the side;
To see directly behind, turn your head just a bit to the side & scan behind you.
Your eyes can look slightly forward to still see what is directly in front of you.


Initially your attention will be distracted or fixated on the mirror.
Eventually you will forget it is even there until you suddenly realize you can't see behind you when you try riding without it.

When set, the stainless steel rod will hold it's position & you will see behind & to the left.
A slight turn of your head is all that is needed to see what is directly behind you.
Your eyes can still glance forward to se what is ahead of you.

After a few rides you will feel like you do have a 3rd eye on the back of your head & will have a new improved sense of situational awareness when riding in traffic. 

No more surprises when that "triathelete' or 'roadie' or speeding eBiker
               close-passes you from behind with no "on your left" greeting...
or when a truck comes up behind you in your lane &
                    you know when to control your lane or move over to share your lane...
Amaze your friends by calling out a greeting BEFORE they catch up with you...
Tease your foes by making maximum effort when ever they do to stay out front,
                                                                     & slow down again when they sit up...

If you leave your mirror on the dash in a hot car, the high-temp hot glue used for assembly may release and the mirror may fall out of the bottle cap: Use a hair dryer or heat gun to melt the exposed surface of the glue base and stick the mirror back on. (and don't leave it on your dash to get hot in the first place!)

Use your mirror to say "NO" – use your eyes to say "GO"
A mirror will have blind spots so use it to see traffic & know when NOT to move or merge
but if it looks clear, turn & use you eyes to confirm before you GO

Always signal well BEFORE merging across traffic to communicate your intent
to any other road user that may be affected by your move.
Also call it out to alert fellow cyclists near you.
Even if no one is there to see it, it's a good habit to do it every time.

(  Signal early,  check mirror,  look back over shoulder, 
merge when safe & without impeding others  )

It is also required of all road users (cyclists and motorists) under California Law:

Required Signals
CVC 22107
No person shall turn… from a direct course or move right or left upon a roadway until such a movement can be made with reasonable safety and then only after the giving of an appropriate signal… in the event any other ... may be affected by the movement.

Leaving a Bicycle Lane CVC 21208 
(b) No person operating a bicycle shall leave a bicycle lane until the movement can be made with reasonable safety and then only after giving an appropriate signal …in the event that any vehicle (or passing cyclist!) may be affected by the movement.

If you want a BeerView MIRROR, or need a loose mirror re-seated, or the old shrink-wrap 'wave' dipped, or 'wave' re-dipped, or a custom bend, Contact Bill at wasellin@gmaiI.com or look for him on a BCI ride - he often has a few BeerView Mirrors in his handle bar bag.
See what he has pre-made 'in stock' or available caps, or provide your own bottle cap...

This web site is not advertised - if you got here, you probably met someone who told you
where they got their BeerView Mirror.

If you already read this far you already understand how a mirror helps,
              but here is a brief post by John Brookings posted by Cycling Savvy:
                  and another by Brian Watson also posted by Cycling Savvy.

Bill accepts
      PayPal  https://paypal.me/billsellin or
or Zelle to 714 943-3678  or cash or check ...

Beer-View Mirror: $12 ($6 for BCI & OCBC & CABO members)
      ( with PayPal use "Sending to a friend" or I'll get charged 5.9% in fees...)

Free local bike/hand delivery or add $5 for uninsured Postage & handeling.