Here's to hoping you have been good and
will not have his way with you!

Happy HolyDays!

Krampus is a bound devil who escorts the benevolent Saint Nikolo on the eve of his day ~ Nikolo tests the children with their Catechism and good behavior. If they pass he gives gifts and treats. If they fail, Krampus is set loose to deal with these bad children; worse than lumps of coal & rotten potatoes, he may also use a switch of twigs to beat them and molests the bad children in other ways... giving them a taste of Hell to come. He comes disguised as the sinister farm hand or servant named Ruprecht in Lutheran lands, because Martin Luther tried to squelch demon superstitions... although his name still harkens to the running demons of the 12 wild nights of winter. On the eve of Saint Nikolo's Day (December 5th) children are put to bed and warned of their peril. They may avoid a direct visit by leaving shoes outside the door. If they sleep soundly, they will not have to deal with the test, and in the morning of St Nikolo's Day (December 6th) they will find either treats & small gifts in their shoes, or a switch, lump of coal, or rotten potatoes. Parents are expected to use the switch on those children so designated as having been really bad.
Luther tried to drop the belief in Saint Nikolo myth & invented another: the Christ child (Krist kindle ~ "Kris Kringle") who brings gifts on Christmas.
(Aren't you glad you did not grow up in Austria !?)